Why She Lied by Julie Coons

Genre: Psychological Thriller | Pages: 179

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Synopsis by Julie Coons :

Will she have to lose her child to save her child?

The day she tells her boyfriend she’s pregnant, is the same day he tells her he’s been accused of molestation. His trial is set to begin the following day.

She needs answers…

To get them, she tricks her boyfriend into signing a release form, giving her full access to all of his legal documents. She uncovers the truth, he’s guilty.

To save her unborn child from this monster, she gets an abortion.

FIVE YEARS LATER and still rebuilding her life, Julie finds out her ex-boyfriend has just become the most wanted man in America, involved in human trafficking. When detectives ask for her help locating him, she gets drawn into a baffling mystery. What began as a seemingly simple search soon turns into a much darker reality.

Someone from her past is watching… Bit by bit, the tapestry of her own secret childhood begins to unravel. What she learns about her past will haunt her forever: family isn’t always what it seems. Can she help bring this predator to justice, or will she die trying?

WHY SHE LIED is a gripping psychological thriller full of mystery, intrigue, and buried secrets.

My Review:

The story "Why she lied" has been a really riveting and the quickest book I have ever read. It seemed like I had absorbed a lot of details and that you may have gone through just a few pages, but in reality you would have finished half of the book! Julie has a truly skill to explain the pain and agony that the protagonist is going through (possibly due to her own personal experience?!) and edges her readers to feel those same emotions through the pages of her book. And let me tell you right at the beginning that the book is so depressing that I had a few sleepless nights and to think that it was based on a true story! This book is definitely not for the weak-hearted. But if you're someone like me, who cherishes emotional roller-coasters, this one's definitely for you. Apart from having the ability to translate experiences in words, Julie does a tremendous job in covering the story without going hay-way and make the readers transcend through the pages quickly. If you're planning on taking a long train ride, you can pick this book for your company.

In my usual review style, I start by providing my version of the book's summary and then talk about my experience, but I really needed to get that off my chest!

The story is filled with an all-embracing part which closes loop with several parts of the story that you discover as you go through the book. The lead of the story- Julie is a kind and naive women who has been abused all thorough her life from her mother, her husband and her boyfriends and you see how this kind of treatment has made her feel so little about her self which translates to her letting people treat her like a doormat or worse. There is a part in the narration where the lead says that we teach people how to treat us and I only agree with it a little bit. True, we set a certain impression about ourselves with some people, but that is no reason for anyone to treat the other cruelly. I agree that it is very important for us to stand our ground and be strong, but it is also the societies responsibility to refrain from behaving that way and stop anyone who is victimizing someone.

I was pleasingly astonished that the author’s solution for something actually unexpected. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

About the book and author:

JULIE COONS lives in a small town in Oregon. THIS DOES NOT LEAVE THIS HOUSE was her debut memoir. Amy's bookshelf reviews awarded it the #1 position for top 10 books of 2018. Her second book WHY SHE LIED is based on a true story. Her books are written to lead a movement toward positive change. She tells the stories of her life with honesty and strength. Julie’s tagline is: “Be the hero in your life and help me change the world.”
You can fing her book on amazon by clicking here! She also has a book trailer available upon request. 

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