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I once heard from someone that if you want to know everything, you should either read books or travel the world. Guess what? I'm doing both!  Although I still don’t know everything, I know enough to say that there is no going back from these two things.

Travel and Novels: my two favorite things.

I decided to live a life of travel, living out off my backpack, eating street food, tour across the country and someday across the world (maybe even to mars! Thanks in advance, Elon). I wanted to float on water, foot-slog on mountains and fly. It was a modest craving and I never miss a chance to fulfill it or at least try not to!

I want to show you another side of India; a prettier side that the movies hide. Sometimes I fail miserably, but I’ll teach you what not to do. Yes, our men are creepy. But not all of them. If you take caution and ignore the white noise, you will notice the beauty of what lies within this country. It’s all about finding balance, the experiences that you want to experience or finding the comfort of your home even when you’re outside. Sometimes, you’ll have to find the hard way out.


But, that’s okay because the ADVENTURE is what that makes it all worth it.

Yet another adventure I love to peruse is reading novels.

Thanks to my mum, a school teacher, I've always had access to books and developed a taste for reading at a very young age. I remember reading books at all stages of my life. The impact it has had on me, the experiences I have had through them is overwhelming. Every book I've read  has left a part of it in me and I'll share those moments, feelings and thoughts with you.


The learning from mere stories without the intention of learning is the best kind!

As a child, I was completely oblivious towards mental health and nutrition. But over these past couple of years, I'm beginning to understand it's importance. Although, I would like to focus many on travel and books, based on some of the outcomes on my research on wellness, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with my readers and help them tackle similar issues or educate and assist them towards mental and nutritional wellness.

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